June 21, 2011

Here some sizes.. there are some slight differences between bourdeaux and blue, check which one makes you look cooler!


Qui un po di misure… cambia qualcosa dal bordeux al blu che almeno vi prendete quella che vi fa sembrare piu fichi.



SMALL              –>    W 45   x    H 66

MEDIUM          –>     W 50   x   H 70

LARGE              –>    W 54    x   H 71





SMALL              –>         W 45  x  H   65

MEDIUM          –>         W 48   x  H  70

LARGE              –>         W  55  x  H  72


Negative tees sold out!

April 1, 2011

Negative models are sold out, but don’t worry: the kollective is working on a new project! Stay tuned!

For those who don’t wanna wait, we still have some Positive tees. But don’t wait too much or they will run out too!


April 17, 2010

To make it easier to chose the right size, especially for who don’t get the tee directly from us, here’s the sizes in cm!

Lenght: 71
Width: 45

Lenght: 71
Width: 50

Lenght: 74
Width: 52