KMV Trailer!

September 25, 2011

Kilometro Violento!

September 7, 2011

Shave your legs and start training, dRIM tIM is gonna make you pedal!

And if you’re fast enough you can get a gtk tee!

Stay tuned on dRIM tIM’s blog or FixedForum


June 21, 2011

Here some sizes.. there are some slight differences between bourdeaux and blue, check which one makes you look cooler!


Qui un po di misure… cambia qualcosa dal bordeux al blu che almeno vi prendete quella che vi fa sembrare piu fichi.



SMALL              –>    W 45   x    H 66

MEDIUM          –>     W 50   x   H 70

LARGE              –>    W 54    x   H 71





SMALL              –>         W 45  x  H   65

MEDIUM          –>         W 48   x  H  70

LARGE              –>         W  55  x  H  72


June 21, 2011

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New tees on the block! New colourz, new graphics!

As usual, if you wear them while riding your bike, they will make you go faster! ;)

Same price (10€) and for the next three weeks you can have the combo (new tee + positive tee) for 15 €!



OOoooooo nuove stampe nuovi colori nuovi modelli, di quelli che si fanno pagare caro.

Stesso prezzo, 10€ per una magliettina… e per le prossime TRE settimane facciamo la combo [maglia vecchia] + [maglia nuova] a 15 eruiz.

Le magliettine sono a prova d’estate, come al solito se le mettete andate più veloce. Sono leggere giuste per affrontare tutto il caldo che volete. Bordeux e bianco contro blue e rosso/arancio quasi fluo… fate voii.


Negative tees sold out!

April 1, 2011

Negative models are sold out, but don’t worry: the kollective is working on a new project! Stay tuned!

For those who don’t wanna wait, we still have some Positive tees. But don’t wait too much or they will run out too!

La Mondina Race

July 14, 2010

got tools kollective is a proud sponsor of La Mondina Race.

A race organized by our friends, only one check and a lot of fun!

Bring water and something against mosquitos! See you there!

Spread the voice *_*

June 30, 2010

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New tees

June 29, 2010

hei some new tees came out from the goottoolskollective oven, new colors… black on yellow and green on white. Plus we got some extra sizes, for ladyz and either for bIIIg giuyz, XS-S-M-L-XL.

hope u guys enjoy.


June 7, 2010

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yo got tools? tees arrived in strasbourg, for a while i was there and seems people like our stuff.

hope to see u soon guyz.